Career1 is an employment agency, where employers and employees come together to develop a meaningful partnership and become a vital part of their success story.

Our Vision

To bring the ideal client and qualified employee candidate together to benefit both sides.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a first-class workforce that delivers ongoing, mutual success.

Our Story

Our passion is staffing. Clients and employees are equally our customers.

We have become the primary or exclusive supplier to many of the GTA’s leading manufacturers and logistics companies. Clients trust us to find them qualified candidates whether temporary or permanent. Employee candidates have learned that we always have their best interests in mind.

If you’re looking for skilled resources

Our promise is to deliver the most suitable candidates to clients in the shortest turnaround time. That promise has earned us an enviable clientele.

If you’re looking for work, either temporary or permanent…

Register with us. Review our tabs. We will help you find a position that fits both your skill set and the client’s needs. If you need additional training to get you ready, we’ll do that too.

Our Values

At Career1 we value responsibility, honesty, hardworking and commitment in practice. We look at your present and long term needs. We are an experienced committed team where we value focused and cost effective services.