Our Vision

At Career1 we see a world where employers and employees come together to develop a meaningful partnership and become a vital part of their success story.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clients with a “smart” workforce that contributes to their success and profitability.

Our Values

At Career1 we value :
Responsibility, Honesty, Hard Work and Commitment in Practice.
Quality, cost effective solution and building relationships in Service.

We look at your present and long term needs. We wish to build relationships with clients and employees that last for years. We are an experienced committed team where we value focused, cost effective service.

What Is Career1?

Career1 is a growing company that was created to provide a genuine alternative to other recruitment agencies. The vision of Career1 is to develop relationships with businesses providing HR resource solutions that are efficient and cost effective. Our knowledgeable, friendly and hard working team goes that step beyond to help you fulfill your HR needs.


zeestratThe world of work is changing and Career1 is one of the leading forces shaping that change. The workforce is under increasing pressure to be flexible in terms of knowledge and skills and availability. For positions that require general skills, we offer specialized solutions, focusing on industry know-how and cost effectiveness. This also means ensuring continuity and nurturing long-term relationships with our internal and external colleagues. For positions that are more skill based, even to the level of experts, a needs based approach utilizing recruitment campaigns, will bring these experts into our network. In both approaches to the market, it is our goal to focus on operational excellence, higher specialization and the development of an efficient delivery model. As the global leader in HR services, we are aware that traditional patterns of employment will continue to evolve in the years to come. We therefore want to encourage the present and future generations to see change as opportunity in myriad forms. We want to invite people to accept tomorrow’s challenges with confidence and to join us in shaping the future of the workplace.

Why Choose Career1?

We take the time to understand your needs. We carefully place the right workers in the right positions. This is achieved through a job-oriented selection process, aligning the candidate with the job.The employer is then relieved of time and money expenditures lost in conducting an expensive recruitment campaign.